Data collection now complete

The Developing in Digital Worlds study is now in its last phase, and our data collection operations are now complete. If you participated in the Developing in Digital Worlds study over 2015-2019, we would like to sincerely thank you for your support and involvement.

We are now turning our attention to the analyses and dissemination of findings to national networks including:

  • school boards of trustees
  • Communities of Learning (CoLs)
  • parent communities
  • education trusts for our participating clusters of schools
  • Māori and Pasifika advisory groups and community networks
  • Ministry of Education

Direct knowledge transfer will also be delivered through initial teacher education and professional development at the University of Auckland. Check out our Findings page for key research on teachers, parents, and students.

To read our findings, click on the banners below. Our complete findings can be found on this page.


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