Newshub feature interview with Professor Stuart McNaughton

Recently, the team from TV3’s Newshub Nation spoke with our principal investigator, Professor Stuart McNaughton, about what skills we need to teach children in schools.

Newshub reports:
Increasingly digitised classrooms call for a new way of teaching, with more focus on critical analysis and argument, argues one Kiwi academic.

Professor Stuart McNaughton is Director of the Woolf Fisher Research Centre, developing educational programmes for communities in South Auckland.

“Our children, generally speaking, are not very good at having an argument. Now my grandchildren tell me that you shouldn’t argue,” Professor McNaughton told Newshub Nation.

“In fact, there are good ways to argue and the critical reasoning form of argumentation is a form in which you are able to think about the other person’s position.”

Watch the full interview and read the article here.

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