2018 data collection schedule

2018 data collection schedule

In the first two terms of 2018, we will  be finalizing data collection for Phase 2 of Developing in Digital Worlds. All schools that commenced Phase 2 data collection in Term 4, 2017 will be using the latest version of our argumentation tool to test and further develop students’ argumentation skills.

Invitations are now open to classrooms at schools that are commencing Phase 2 data collection in Term 1, 2018. We will be collecting the following measures from these classrooms:

  • teacher questionnaire and observation
  • student questionnaires (social and digital questionnaire; critical thinking questionnaire)
  • parent questionnaires

In term 2, we will be further collecting argumentation data using the argumentation tool for these classrooms.

More details on the participation of parents, teachers and students can be found in the participant information sheets below. If you’d like to take part, please have a look at the information in the pamphlets below.

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